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Meetups & Learn Togethers


We meetup every first Tuesday in a coffee house to contribute to open source, work on personal projects, and teach and learn from one another. Join us.


Note: We meetup in a public coffee house. If you attend you MUST buy a drink for yourself (e.g. a coffee, mineral water, cola, or something). Calculate about €3 or €4.


Happy New Year - Prosit 2020!


Mar/2020 - Gerald Bauer has put together a new rubynews tool that lets you browse ruby project news and personal blogs week by week on the command line (in your terminal). 36 channels, 1464 items and counting.

Feb/2020 - Gerald Bauer has put together a new News module that offers easy to (re)use “porcelain” helpers / methods that hide the “plumbing” of the pluto machinery for building your own newsreader or newsfeeds in minutes in two easy steps, that is, News.subscribe and News.update.

Jan/2020 - Gerald Bauer has updated the Ruby Conferences & Camps in 2020 - What’s Upcoming? page. Bonus: Try the rubyconf command line tool (in your terminal) packaged up in the whatson gem - e.g. type $ rubyconf.

Dec/2019 - Ruby 2.7 is out. What’s News? Insider’s Commentary by Full Time Ruby Committers Koichi Sasada and Yusuke Endoh.

Nov/2019 - Ramón Huidobro and friends host a twice a month (free, everyone welcome especially programming beginners / newbies) programming study group / learn together right here in Vienna, Austria. See Study Jams for more.

Nov/2019 - Gerald Bauer and friends host a once a month (free, everyone welcome) crypto (and blockchain contract) programming study group / learn together right here in Vienna, Austria. See Vienna Crypto Programming Meetup / Stammtisch for more.

Oct/2019 - Developer Melange is a monthly podcast / talk recording in a Vienna coffee house. In episode 21 guest Gerald Bauer talks about “Programmable Money” and in episode 22 about “The state of open data - or where to find good beer”.

Oct/2019 - Thomas Leitner has released the latest version of HexaPDF, with many bug fixes and a completely revamped PDF inspection command. The HexaPDF website has also been redone for a better experience. Read more ».

Oct/2019 - Gerald Bauer has put together the footballdb-leagues gem / library that bundles-up an all-in-one football.db / leagues datafile and lets you match 100+ football league & cup names from around the world “out-of-the-gem / box” with zero-configuration. It’s as easy as require 'footballdb/league'; League.match('ENG PL'). Enjoy the beautiful game. PS: Trivia Quiz: What league will League.match( 'NB I' ) match?

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Companies in Austria • Österreich

Runtastic (officially now Adidas Running / Training by Runtastic)

Wien Linz (Pasching) – Sports / Health – Large-Size (100+) - Owned (Bought) by Adidas Since 2016

People: Simon Lasselsberger (github, twitter), Andreas Altendorfer (github, twitter), Georg Gadinger (github, twitter)

We’re your ideal health & fitness partner - here to support your efforts, no matter which fitness activities you enjoy most. Download our mobile apps today to track your activities, monitor progress and reach your goals!

web:, twitter: runtastic, github: runtastic

ruby (jruby) used for (backend) web services and (desktop) web apps


Wien – Construction – Mid-Size (80+) - Indie

People: Constantin Köck (github, twitter)

Create, organize and assign construction defects with your mobile device or with the PlanRadar Web application and collaborate with all project members!

web:, twitter: planradar

ruby used for (backend) web services and (desktop) web apps


Wien – Knowledge / Creative – Mid-Size (20+)

People: Laura Bârlădeanu (twitter)

MindMeister is the market-leader in collaborative online mind mapping. Combine it with MeisterTask for a complete workflow from first idea to finished project.

web:, twitter: mindmeister, meistertask, github: MeisterLabs

ruby used for backend web services


Wien – Accounting – Small-Size

People: Clemens Helm (github, twitter)

Never type in bills (invoices) again. Upload and let your computer (artificial intelligence) handle your bills (invoices).


ruby used for (backend) web services and (desktop) web apps


Linz – Media – Small-Size

People: Dominik Angerer (github, twitter), Alexander Feiglstorfer (github, twitter)

Not only a Content Management System (CMS) for your editors. Clean and structured JSON for you as developer mixed with other services to get you rolling.

web:, twitter: storyblok, github: storyblok

ruby used for (backend) web services and content service tools / samples


Linz – Translation Services – Small-Size

People: Helmut Michael Juskewycz (github, twitter)

Web & mobile software localization without headaches. Best Github sync on the market. Lean Translation Management for devs. Be Global, Go Local #L10n #i18n

web:, twitter: lingohub, github: lingohub

ruby used for (future) backend services

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Freelance / Services


Aaron Cruz (web, github, twitter) - ruby services, messaging/chat bots, etc.

Thomas Leitner (web, github, twitter) - portable document format (pdf) services (hexapdf)

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